Past Events - 2007

Fall 2007

Ida Beam Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture Series
Herbert Lindenberger, Avalon Foundation Professor Emeritus of Humanities, Stanford University

“Opera and the Novel: Antithetical or Complementary?”
“Arts in the Brain: Or What Might Neuroscience Tell Us?”
“Toward a Characterization of Modernist Opera”

Eighteenth-Century Opera Lecture Series

“Oedipus in Venice: Italian Opera Meets Greek Tragedy”
Robert Ketterer, University of Iowa (in collaboration with the Classics Department Colloquium Series)

“Operatic Heroes”
Downing A. Thomas, University of Iowa

Spring 2007

“The Clemencies of Titus: Backgrounds to Mozart’s Last Opera”
Robert Ketterer, University of Iowa

“Reinventing La Bohème: Taking a Fresh Look at the World’s Most Popular Opera”
William Theisen, University of Iowa Martha Ellen Tye Opera Theater guest stage director

“Poor Butterfly: Cho Cho San’s Journey from Opera to Popular Song”
Larry Hamberlin, Middlebury College

“Rosina’s Travels”
Larry Hamberlin, Middlebury College (in conjunction with the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre’s production of Rossini’s Il barbiere di Siviglia)