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Eric Gidal

Associate Professor of English
Dr. Gidal's website
E-mail: eric-gidal@uiowa.edu

David Gompper

Professor of Music
Dr. Gompper's website
E-mail: david-gompper@uiowa.edu

Timothy Havens

Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Dr. Havens website
E-mail: timothy-havens@uiowa.edu

Lisa Heineman

Associate Professor of History and Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies
Dr. Heineman's website
E-mail: elizabeth-heineman@uiowa.edu

Cheryl Herr

Professor of English
Dr. Herr's website
Email: cheryl-herr@uiowa.edu

Christian Jensen

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. Jensen's website
Email: christian-jensen@uiowa.edu

Michel Laronde

Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Director of the European Studies Group

Dr. Laronde's website
E-mail: michel-laronde@uiowa.edu

Katina Lillios

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Dr. Lillios' website
E-mail: katina-lillios@uiowa.edu

Teresa Mangum

Associate Professor of English
Director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
Dr. Mangum's website
E-mail: teresa-mangum@uiowa.edu

Roberta M. Marvin

Adjunct Associate Professor, International Programs                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Martin's website
E-mail: roberta-marvin@uiowa.edu

Adriana Méndez Rodenas

Professor of Spanish
Dr. Rodenas website

John S. Nelson

Professor of Political Science
Dr. Nelson's website
E-mail: john-nelson@uiowa.edu

H. Glenn Penny

Associate Professor of History
Dr. Penny's website
E-mail: h-penny@uiowa.edu

Jennifer Sessions

Associate Professor of History
Dr. Sessions' website
E-mail: jennifer-sessions@uiowa.edu

Jae-Jae Spoon

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. Spoon's website
E-mail: jae-jae-spoon@uiowa.edu.

Downing Thomas

Associate Provost and Dean of International Programs
Dr. Thomas' website
E-mail: downing-thomas@uiowa.edu

Russell Scott Valentino

Professor of Cinema and Comparative Literature.
Dr. Valentino's website
E-mail: russell-valentino@uiowa.edu

Adrien Katherine Wing

Bessie Dutton Murray Professor of Law
Dr. Wing's website
E-mail: adrien-wing@uiowa.edu