Outreach Services

Elementary school presentation Presentations for UI Departments Spring Festival Presentation


Chinese Names Pronunciation Workshop

A one-hour workshop which serves as an introduction to Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin), covering the romanization system-- Pinyin, tones, and greetings in Chinese. Participants will learn about the development of Pinyin, practice all consonant and vowel sounds with tips on how to produce them accurately, and further practice the four major Chinese tones using Chinese names as examples. Useful daily expressions and greetings will also be introduced.  Please contact confucius@uiowa.edu to schedule.


Small group or individual Chinese language tutoring is available on a limited basis.  Fees vary depending on request--please email confucius@uiowa.edu for additional information.

Cultural Presentations

Calligraphy, Taiji, Tea, and Traditional Festivals-volunteers for the Confucius Institute provide educational presentations and demonstrations on these topics.  Please email confucius@uiowa.edu to inquire and schedule.

AiCheng Magazine

AiCheng magazine is a non-profit, student-run art, poetry and prose publication.  Aicheng magazine is intended to promote cultural diversity and demonstrate international students’ life by establishing a stage for students and residents to exchange ideas and cultural opinions.  View and down load AiCheng Magazine