Community Language Courses


Iowa City Adult (Age 14 and up) Courses:  Fall 2015-Spring 2016 

Survival Chinese      

This is an introductory course in Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) language and designed for tourists and exchanges students who are interested in learning to speak basic Chinese for functional purposes. Students will be introduced to: 1) A brief overview of the Chinese language system; 2) Useful expressions in daily conversations; 3) Culture performances and products to better understand and communicate in China. (8 sessions)

Course schedule:   Thursday 5:30 pm-7:00 pm
Session 1: 1/21/16-3/10/16 (8 classes)-no class on 3/17
Session 2:  3/24/16-5/12/16 (8 classes)

Location: 1124 University Capitol Centre

Fees: Tuition fee $89 and textbook fee $50

Business Chinese I 

This is a  two-level introductory Business course that focuses on regular formulas and etiquette. It is designed for students involved in Business transactions with Chinese connections. It provides the learners with practical, motivating business Chinese materials reflecting real world business language and culture. Through introduction of basic business vocabulary and phrases, students will learn to communicate with the Chinese business community in Mandarin Chinese and be able to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the Chinese and Western culture in the business world. 

Class Schedule: Tuesday 5:30-7:00 pm

Level I: 1/19/16-4/12/16 (12 classes) no class on 3/13

Location: TBD

Fees: Tuition fee $100 and textbook fee $25

Introduction to Chinese I, II and III
Important message! Please register for Intro. to Chinese I with attached formPDF iconENROLLMENT FORM 

This is a three-level introductory course in Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) language for beginners who have little or no previous Chinese learning experience. It covers basic phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and practice on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with a focus on learners' functional language ability. Introduction to Chinese culture will be integrated in our curriculum. (10 classes)

Class schedule:  5:30-6:45 pm, Monday and Wednesdays (5 weeks/10 classes)
Level I: 1/20/16-2/22/16
Level II: 2/29/16-4/6/16 (no class on 3/14 or 3/16)
Level III: 4/11/16-5/11/16

Location: 1124 University Capitol Centre

Instructors: Wu, Yingda; Fan, Yizhou

Fees: Tuition is  $100 each level and textbook fee is $75. 


Introduction to Chinese VI, V and VI

This is a three level introductory Chinese classes for students who have completed Introduction to Chinese I-III with CI or equivalent. 

Class schedule: 5:30-6:45 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays, (5 weeks/10 classes)

Level IV: 01/19/16-02/18/16

Level V: 02/23/16-03/31/16 (no classes on 3/15 or 3/17)

Level VI: 04/05/16-05/05/16 

Location: 321 Phillips Hall 

Instructors: Fan, Yizhou; Wu, Yingda

Fees: Tuition is $100 each level and textbook fee is $75


Interested in Independent Study? Please email to register.

Iowa City Youth (age 6-13) Courses 

Johnson County Senior Center Discount

Members of the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center receive a 10% discount off of all Confucius Institute per session course tuition fees.