Chinese Language Course Instructors

Yongtao CHEN

Hello! I’m Chen Yongtao, an M.A. student of East China Normal University (ECNU), majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Before joining the CIUI as a volunteer instructor, I taught Chinese language at the CIEE Shanghai Center, the Global Education Center of ECNU, and the University of Virginia in Shanghai Summer Chinese program of 2013. With prior experience of teaching Chinese to foreign students of different levels, I am really looking forward to meeting you in our Chinese class at CIUI!

Duan LI

Hello, I am Duan LI, an M.A. student from East China Normal University, which is located in Shanghai, China. My major is Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, specified in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. During my master degree study program, I also have been working as an instructor at CIEE Shanghai Center and International College of Chinese Studies in ECNU. Besides these teaching practice, I have also received training in cultural arts, such like calligraphy, paper-cutting and Chinese knot. I`m ready to share all of these with you. Welcome to Chinese class! 



Chinese Culture Course Instructors

Haiming CHEN

Mr. CHEN is a passionate and gifted Taiji trainer. He started practicing Taiji in 1980 and has offered Taiji classes in China, Japan and the US for more than twenty years for local communities. He received a certificate of Coaching Authorization in 2007. His Taiji training program integrates classical Taiji styles and principles. He has made contemporary Taiji forms in series to suit people for practicing Taiji in different levels.

Dr. Ramon LIM 

Chinese Calligraphy Workshops are led by Dr. Ramon Lim, University of Iowa Professor Emeritus of Neurology and winner of the 2005 Eighth International Calligraphy Competition. Dr. Lim has his works widely exhibited in China, Korea and Japan.