Teaching & Research


CAPS has over 30 affiliated faculty teaching over 200 courses of East Asian languages and cultures in around different departments and colleges. Through fundraising and external grants, CAPS has played an active role in increasing the number of faculty with expertise in Asia, encouraging course development, and promoting study abroad programs in Asia.  

CAPS regularly sponsors lectures, seminars and workshops that bring prominent scholars to campus to share their research with University of Iowa students and faculty.


CAPS sponsors student and faculty research on Asia by providing grants to graduate students for dissertation research and to faculty for research-rMs. Yuhong Sang is a professor of Chinese linguistics of Hebei Normal University. Her research is on Chinese dialects. elated expenses. CAPS supports UI faculty and students to attend and present their research at Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting.

Visiting Scholars and Research Fellows

CAPS hosts visiting scholars from Asia and research scholars of Asian studies in the U. S. Visiting scholars pursue their academic research with funding from their home institutions. Scholars are provided with office space, access to the library’s collections, and assistance with finding housing. Currently, CAPS hosts the following visiting fellows from East Asia and U. S.

Limao Chen

Mr. Limao Chen is an associate professor of modern Chinese history from Shanghai Normal University. His research focuses on economic history of modern China.

Kisuk Jeong

Ms. Kisuk Jeong is a research scholar from Institute of Global Concern at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. Her research focuses on cooperation between local governments among East Asian countries.

Yuhong Sang

Ms. Yuhong Sang is a professor of Chinese linguistics of Hebei Normal University. Her research is on Chinese dialects. 

Jeong-sik Ko

Mr. Jeong-sik Ko is a professor of economics from Paichai University, Seoul, Korea. His research focus is on economic cooperation and integration in the Northeast Asia.

Jin Xie

Ms. Jin Xie is a professor of English from Central China Normal University. Her research focus is on translation of Chinese and English literature. 

Peng Yu

Mr. Peng Yu is from Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is completing his dissertation on Chinese reginal dialects.

Gangmi Choi

Ms Gangmi Choi is a doctoral candidate at the University of North Korean Studies. She is completing her dissertation on North Korean literature. 

Renwei Shao

Ms. Renwei Shao is an associate professor of political science at Guangdong Foreign Studies University. Her research area is urban renewal in China. 

Jia Zhou

Ms. Jia Zhou is a doctoral student from Sun Yat-sen University, China. She is completing her dissertation on public administration.